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This is a good example of where a roof that has passed its useful life.This now needs to be replaced. Repairing this would not be cost effective as a long-term solution and a complete re-roofing is required. The existing roof was originally formed with layers of bitumen felt and covered by stone chippings.


Re-roofing this building consisted of fully stripping the old roofing covering. Forming new built-up flat roof and upgrading the insulation. Roof was covered with a new Blue/Grey mineral felt finish. Repairs to the chimneys and parapet where carried out whilst on-site. All work is now covered by a 10yr warranty.

Corstorphine Flat Roof

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Kinross Re-Slating Works

Previous rectifying works had been carried out using poor quality slates which had insufficient fixings and

detailing’s at flashing to dormer windows and chimneys was poorly carried out. New slates where all double nailed with copper nails in accordance with BS:5534: 2014 standards. Existing flashings had to be stripped out, new lead flashings where installed during re-roofing. The lead flashings where installed to LSA guidelines. After years of leaking the client is now delighted with a new watertight roof.

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